Personnel administration function outsourcing

What is HR Outsourcing

Outsourcing the HR management function is a set of measures aimed at phasing out the staff, while we undertake the management of the personnel provided; we take charge of labor organization and documents handling. We provide staff outsourcing services in Moscow and other Russian cities.

Outsourcing services of various business functions are essential, if you are facing an increased amount of work or employees do not cope with the current, you need to optimize the company's performance and boost its capitalization, a new project appears, for which temporary personnel are needed, assistance in personnel management is necessary.

Advantages for the company

Organization personnel outsourcing allows to:

Increase the number of staff working on current tasks or a temporary project.

Reduce the company’s administrative and financial burden.

Minimize labor and tax risks.

Optimize business costs.

Obtain the required data on each employee in a user-friendly style via online reporting system.

Operational scheme

  1. We phase out the staff – the OPEN divisions become legal employers for your personnel.
  2. We create a project team, which includes HR administrators and accountants. We calculate and pay salaries, provide salary bank cards, transfer money to employees' accounts. Every month we send out payrolls with detalization of wages.
  3. We handle tax payments and reporting in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. We take the necessary measures for labor protection. Upon employees’ request, we issue employment confirmation letters, 2-NDFL and other forms.
  4. We conduct employee polls annually to gauge personnel engagement and present results upon request.
  5. We provide full report on the project with any level of detail.

Additional Features

  1. Headhunting and employment for substitution, at the expansion of staff, for the period of leave or illness of employees.
  2. Registration of VMI and life insurance.
  3. Conducting medical examinations and medical cards issuance.
  4. Maintaining business trips, including tickets and hotels booking, visas issuing.
  5. Provision of corporate mobile communication.
  6. Provision of meals and uniform.
  7. Organization of training by corporate standards.
  8. Fuel compensation through fuel cards.
  9. Search, rent and maintaining of vital functions of office premises and much more.

Advantages for employees

When outsourcing personnel, employees take advantage of full social security system – we handle it in accordance with labor legislation and give all the social guarantees and benefits.

We make sure salary and tax payments are on time – income and social taxes.

For each employee we assign a personnel manager and the accountant, which streamlines communication within the team.

Within an hour we will call you back to find out:
Address program / geography of the project
Volume SKU / timing in the outlet, the number of FTE