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OPEN Mission

We become an integral part of the client's DNA.

Focus on the client

  • Understand the goals and objectives of the client

  • Form a demand


  • We are responsible for our results

  • We demand discipline from ourselves and the others


  • We work together within the project and X-project

  • We understand the overall result and individual contribution

Professional growth

  • Share best practices

  • We constantly develop ourselves and the team


  • We are constantly looking for new opportunities

  • We change the status quo

20 years of expertise in personnel management
340 cities current projects geography
11000 employees work across Russia
14 partners in digital developments
Increasing sales through innovative technology

We use digital solutions to improve the efficiency of merchandisers. We use systems that help to lay optimal routes, monitor work in sales are, submit online reports, analyze and improve OSA indicators and much more

We know the needs of the market from the inside

The company employees have FMCG market background, which is why we speak the same language with customers and understand all the ins and outs of the industry.

We use our experience in the industry to adapt the most advanced digital products and software solutions for the Russian market. Thanks to the staff of our own employees and the broad geography of our presence, we quickly implement these solutions in actual practice of sales areas and offer the best practices to business.

Dmitry Shikhov

Managing Director


In marketing communications
  1. Trade
  2. BTL
  3. Event
On the outstaffing services market
  1. Outstaffing
  2. Mass recruitment
On the targeting communications market
  1. Marketing communications system
On the merchandising outsourcing and CAF market
  1. Marketing communications system
On the merchandising outsourcing and CAF market
  1. Digital Field force
  2. Automotization

Our clients
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Address program / geography of the project
Volume SKU / timing in the outlet, the number of FTE