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The OPEN team are open-minded people for which sky is the limit, ready to beat the odds.

Each member of the team is unique and has valuable experience, knowledge and aspirations. We are committed to honest and respectful approach to our customers, partners and to each other, new thoughts, ideas, opportunities and acquaintances. We are all right with complex and ambitious tasks, because we know that we make a great team together!

Success Stories

Teamwork, responsibility, initiative and proactivity, focus on the client distinguish our successful employees and facilitate their professional growth.

OPEN is rapidly growing with the efforts of our people, their determination to achieve desired goals. With us, you will be able to fulfill your potential by expanding the area of ​​responsibility, involving in new projects and offering new ideas. Your work will surely be noticed and appreciated!

Степан Кадников
Менеджер по работе с клиентами
Ekaterina Zagranichek
Head of the Business Support Project Group
Anastasia Ilyina
Outsourcing Recruitment Team Leader
Daria Kalimulina
Head of Business Support Service
Cyril Blatov
Account Manager
10 месяцев
2 года и 1 месяц
5 месяцев
Территориальный менеджер
4 месяца
Региональный менеджер
Работа в Open - нашла меня сама, в то время когда мне необходима была временная, стабильная, простая работа для оплаты учебы, после чего планировал найти что-то более "серьезное". Волей судеб втянулся, заинтересовался , более глубоко погрузился в специфику работы и стал проявлять интерес, это заметило руководство, в результате чего я получил свое первое повышение.

Проактивный подход, открытость и готовность сделать ставку на молодых менеджеров привело меня в пилотный проект по аутсорсингу мерчандайзинга крупного FMCG партнера.

"Пилот" был важен для Open и в это время я по-настоящему окунулся в атмосферу Open - познакомился со многими коллегами, понял главное - мне комфортно работать с такими людьми "плечом к плечу" и я готов приложить все усилия для общего результата команды. Пилот завершился успешно, а я получил приглашения для развития этого проекта в респ. Башкортостан в должности Территориального менеджера, откуда спустя 5 месяцев, за счет лучших показателей, отправился в Москву управлять уже целым регионом в новый перспективный проект. В настоящий момент, я являюсь менеджером большого проекта и это все благодаря Open.

Open -это не просто слова, это наша философия. Мы открыты для новых идей, мыслей, задач, клиентов 24/7. Это мощный поток возможностей, реализации и интереснейших кросс-проектов. Меня окружают профессионалы с большой буквы с огромной экспертизой во всех аспектах бизнеса. С первого дня в Open у меня есть менторы, у которых я учусь каждый день, а самое главное что уже и сам для кого-то являюсь ментором!
4 months
Regional Project Manager
2,5 years
Account project manager
2 years
Head of client group
Head of the Business Support Project Group

I agreed to work in OPEN as a regional manager rather out of curiosity and did not rely on long-term cooperation. Most companies always promise quick career and financial growth, but in reality not everything is so rosy. In OPEN, the opportunity for growth and development is for real, and I learned this in some four months being promoted to a new position.

The actively growing project, which I led, and the training offered by the company, provided us with extensive experience both in interaction with customers and in team management. Working alongside engaged and motivated professionals, only fueled the interest and the desire to move forward.

Henry Ford believed "Everything can be done better than it had been done until now." Day by day I agree with him more and that attitude helps me to constantly find the ways for further development.

1,5 years
Recruiting Manager
7 months
Lead recruiting manager
Team leader of mass recruitment

The arrival at OPEN was fateful for me, my view of life aligned well with corporate values. Every working day became interesting and intriguing, I gained new knowledge and improved the existing skills. Teamwork motivated me to grow and develop, share knowledge and inspire people to achieve the goal, which helped me to become a lead specialist, then a leader pushing the boundaries and to be followed.

Every day for me is a pleasure, because I have my favorite job. OPEN is my family, which educates, supports and gives a way to self-realization. Here everyone can find what they like, choosing their own path the team will aid them to go through. Clear goals, new heights, limitless possibilities are all OPEN !

5 months
Account Manager Assistant
3 months
Account manager, 1 project
2 years
Account manager, 5 projects
1 year
Account manager, 9 projects
Head of Business Support Service

I have been with OPEN for several years. To say that I just changed and matured would be an understatement; I grew up as a professional, going a long way from a beginner to a leader.

The company right away struck with its organized and clearly efficient structure. On the very first day the team welcomed me warmly and helped to adapt in no time. That is why I managed not only to master my immediate functionality quickly, but also to learn modern methods of management, makings of effective interaction between departments, and corporate culture as a part of business environment.

I believe that the main reasons why my cooperation with OPEN became long-term and productive is the commitment to result, the desire to expand the area of ​​responsibility and to achieve ambitious goals.

9 months
Merchandising Development Manager
8 months
Exclusive merchandising development manager, 1 project
2 years
Manager for the development of exclusive merchandising, 2 projects
Manager for the development of exclusive and innovative merchandising

Working in OPEN is being a part of a dynamic and competitive industry.

As we all know, in order to retain company’s leading position, it is crucial to recruit only the strongest professionals to the team – and this is precisely why working in OPEN is valuable for me. Here I can progress as a specialist alongside best people in the business .

Over the course of my tenure with the company, I managed to participate in an array of projects and contribute to the development of new business areas. This is a very valuable professional and personal experience for me, and I am absolutely sure that I could not get elsewhere the expertise that I managed to acquire in OPEN.

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