Practice of Chinese Retail Under COVID-19 and Lessons Learned from Previous Economic Crises

The crisis and cataclysms of past centuries proved that, if desired, one can cope with any misfortune.

Moreover, these adverse events were always followed by new technologies, working processes, bright ideas, and most importantly, the cohesion of people, sometimes of different views and social positions into a single united mechanism. Now, amid uncertainty, we decided to gather experts from such companies as Nielsen and Accenture to analyze both the experience of China and the experience of previous economic shocks, while identifying possible scenarios for overcoming two real crisis.

Who can find this webinar useful:
  • Sales Directors
  • Trading Marketing Managers
  • The route to Market Managers
  • Commercial Directorы
  • China Retail Experience Analysis;
  • Consumer trends in Russia during the COVID-19 period.Comparing the current crisis with others;
  • Strategies for Overcoming the Crisis Using Past Economic Shocks Exemplified by Suppliers in China;
  • Field staff work under COVID-19;
  • Q & A.

Denis Kozlovskiy, Business Development Manager, OPEN Group

Maria Otrovskaya, Head of analytics, Nielsen

Maksim Vostryakov, Sales Effectiveness consultant, Nielsen
Aleksander Kuznetsov, "Customer insights and Growth Strategy" Practice Leader Accenture Strategy
Zoom webinar. The format implies live communication, the opportunity to ask questions online and open feedback.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 14, 11:00 (GMT+3)


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