OPEN Group Experts Participate in HR Committee Meeting at American Chamber of Commerce

On August 7, the HR Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce held a meeting in Baker McKenzie’s Moscow office. OPEN Group’s digital director Pavel Reshetnikov and deputy operating director for organizational development Anastasia Bazhenova attended the event. They made a presentation on the digitalization of staff management processes.

The current trends include the maximum convergence of HR processes, daily personnel management (for OPEN Group it is a field team of more than 15,000 people) and IT tools to control the work. At the same time, the market has already seen technological solutions that significantly simplified production and business processes - from routing of the visits to outlets to financial settlements and document and HR management. In future, these components can become part of complete infrastructure, a premise to become a “second-level automatic intelligence.”

Anastasia Bazhenova about optimizing the work of the back-office: “One of the digital tools of OPEN Group is a single communication space where the client can interact with our employees. All requests are formalized and sent to a single email address. This process eliminates the address appeal to a specific specialist, and all communication is consolidated in one application at the request of the client. The portal also allows you to generate statistical and analytical reports on requests’ movement. All these functions are collected in one information field.”

Pavel Reshetnikov about working with the field teams: “When an employee comes to a store where there is a trained auto-order system with an integrated alert, it removes part of the tasks requiring merchandiser’s manual work. Our Image Recognition system automates merchandiser’s job, reduces time to enter the data during the surveys in the outlets and improves the quality of surveys.”

Representatives of Baker McKenzie Elena Kukushkina and Georgy Mzhavanadze discussed the legal aspects of digitalization in HR, and Anastasia Sergeeva from Johnson & Johnson told the participants about Roskomnadzor’s audit.



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