28 January

“Flexible Employment Forms: Effective Practices and Risks” Seminar

On February 6, 2020, the Association of Private Employment Agencies, in cooperation with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, will conduct a seminar entitled “Flexible forms of employment: effective practices and risks”.

The process of forming a post-industrial economy has led to increased labour market flexibility. With the introduction of new technologies, strategies and approaches to business management are constantly changing. A direct consequence of these trends is the active growth of precarious (flexible) employment in many countries.

In Russia, flexible forms of labour are also widely used. However, many of their aspects are either not reflected in Russian legislation, or, on the contrary, are too regulated.

The event will be devoted to legal and practical issues of building effective business processes in enterprises through the use of flexible forms of employment, as well as developing recommendations for improving the regulatory framework in this area.

The seminar will be attended by representatives of the International Labor Organization, the State Labor Inspectorate in Moscow, the Federal Tax Service of Russia, the Ministry of Labor of Russia and Rostrud, the all-Russian association OPORA RUSSIA, experts from leading legal and recruiting companies, and representatives of Russian and international business.

The event may include topics such as:

  • effective use of the model for the provision of labour for workers;
  • involvement of specialists based on civil law contracts;
  • acceptable framework for cooperation with performers in the status of “self-employed citizens”;
  • legal aspects of distance and home work;
  • the use of outsourcing to improve the efficiency of companies;
  • possible risks and negative consequences of these mechanisms;
  • proposals for improving the regulatory framework for the presented models for attracting specialists.

OPEN Group, as a co-organizer of the seminar, invites interested companies to participate in the discussion.

Registration by the link:

Phone for information: +7 (499) 649 00 80, доб. 1501.

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