Big Data

We use Big Data technologies to manage OSA, to plan new points opening, to locate promo activities and target audience, to optimize marketing budgets and solve other problems.


Development of the Skolkovo residents Rilos ??. With Big Data analysis technologies and sales data, population density and subscriber traffic intensity processing, it helps to manage the address program, to plan new sales points opening and determine the location for promotional activities.

Double Data Service

Looks for and processes customer’s digital profiles for targeted brand marketing. Helps to determine the target audience, to optimize marketing budgets and to form targeted offers.

  1. Gathers and updates public information about the digital trace of a person: social networks, interests and environment.
  2. Compares digital profiles with client’s CRM-system data.
  3. Identifies and analyzes the patterns of consumption.
  4. Segments the customers.
Within an hour we will call you back to find out:
Address program / geography of the project
Volume SKU / timing in the outlet, the number of FTE